The Outsider – Albert Camus

Angela's Book Reviews

AC6560Exquisitely written in the first person which I think influences the reader to feel empathy with the character of Mersault more and more. The story is told with great humour. The accused (Mersault) seems to be on trial more for his lack of emotion during his mother’s funeral than for killing another man. Thus, we see a duality to the story. The relationship between a son and his mother and that of a murderer and the society in which he lives in. He is perceived by the prosecutor as a hardened man, a monster who does not regret his crime, insensitive, without a soul or access to humanity. This may be true given the fact that he shot an Arab five times during the fight. However, this character assessment is insufficient because it relies solely on the fact that Mersault does not conform to expectations of how he should exhibit…

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