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Think Smarter on… Starting up with Josh Kaufman

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This January we’re challenging our minds with Think Smarter month, with the help from some of our smart thinking Penguins. Read business expert and author of The First 20 Hours Josh Kaufman’s Ten Principles of Effective Learning for whatever you’re starting this January.

“No problem can withstand the assault of sustained thinking” Voltaire 

The First Twenty Hours, Josh Kaufman (Penguin) is available now.

To help you make the most of 2015, we’re devoting this January to sharing exclusive writing from some of our biggest smart thinking authors. Sign up to the Think Smarter mailing list and you’ll get a weekly digest straight to your inbox every Saturday this month, as well as monthly newsletters throughout the rest of the year.


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30 Legendary Literary Mean Girls We Love to Hate


There’s a special place in hell for women who refuse to support other women, right? Or, if not hell, at least a central role in a classic novel.

Yes, literature (particularly “classic” literature for and about women) loves a mean girl, an archenemy, or an undermining frenemy. This archetype is often realized as a charming blonde who’s either a snob guarding her place against interlopers, or a determined social climber herself. For every spunky heroine, she’s the foil. She’s the prissy antagonist who scorns our protagonist’s rough ways, while her nimble feet fight for their place on the rungs of a novel’s social ladder. She represents the apex of the idea that men can fight each other out in the open, but women are forced to be underhanded in their jockeying for alpha status. Her machinations make plots get thicker and tension ratchet up.

Here’s a selection of literature’s most delightfully nasty mean girls. We love to hate…

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