So Long A Letter Mariama Bâ

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I read this book in my childhood although I cannot remember how old I was. However, I can honestly say that it made a lasting impact in my mind. It is important to me because it shaped my views on sexuality and gender relations and influenced my cautious attitude towards the opposite sex to maintain control over my body at least until the age of eighteen. I would love to read So Long A letter again if anyone has a copy.

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The Outsider – Albert Camus

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AC6560Exquisitely written in the first person which I think influences the reader to feel empathy with the character of Mersault more and more. The story is told with great humour. The accused (Mersault) seems to be on trial more for his lack of emotion during his mother’s funeral than for killing another man. Thus, we see a duality to the story. The relationship between a son and his mother and that of a murderer and the society in which he lives in. He is perceived by the prosecutor as a hardened man, a monster who does not regret his crime, insensitive, without a soul or access to humanity. This may be true given the fact that he shot an Arab five times during the fight. However, this character assessment is insufficient because it relies solely on the fact that Mersault does not conform to expectations of how he should exhibit…

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How Authors Can (and Should) Use Author Copies

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While it’s true that ebooks are popular – and necessary in order to compete in the modern bookselling marketplace – don’t think for a moment that the good old fashioned hardcopy has gone the way of the dodo. Voracious readers are not only still grabbing up hardcopy books by the millions, but authors and marketing pros need them more than ever as well.

In addition to taking advantage of those spontaneous opportunities to sell, there are several other smart ways newly published authors can use their author copies.

  1. Signing events. Signed hardcopies still hold a great deal of value for lovers of literature. Even if the face value of the book isn’t particularly high, readers value that personal touch that comes with an author’s signature. And, let’s face it, you’re probably not going to get the green light to sign their iPads and Kindles. Organize as many bookstore signing…

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